5 free things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco is that kind of place you have never heard anyone saying bad things about, everybody just praises the city. How could not, right? The city is completely fun with so many cool spots to visit.  

Do you know that San Francisco is one of the top travel destinations in the world? The best part? There are many free things to do there!

If you are considering taking a plane to San Francisco, keep reading the article because it is your chance to check a guide with five to do in this incredible place.

Take a look and enjoy it!

1- Take many and many different pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Welcome to San Francisco’s landmark. The bridge is probably one of most known all around the world. You may think that this is silly, like, “just one picture in front of the bridge is fine" hold on!

The thing is, there are so many incredible and creative ways to photograph this that is possible that you will spend more than an hour here.

Walking on the bridge is free during the daylight, cyclists can walk with their bikes any time of the day.

 2- Visit a free museum:  

Like every respected city, San Francisco has some museums you can visit for free- you pay how much you want to-.

Some of them are always like this, and others offer hours to the visitors.

Here is a list:

- San Francisco Maritime Park

- Musée Mécanique

- The Japanese Tea Garden

- The Cable Car Museum

There are many others you will eventually find out in the city.

3- Check the City Hall:  

You just can’t miss San Francisco’s City Hall. There are free tours offered from Monday to Friday at 10 am, 12 pm and 2pm.

The architecture is classic and the building is really beautiful, with some free art exhibitions in the basement of City Hall.

4- San Francisco Botanical Garden: 

If you want a calm place to spend a day, try the Botanical Garden. With over 8,000 different kinds of plants the place offers you a very nice and lovely day.

The admission is free every day (7:30-9am).

5- Walking Tour:

Are you familiar with “pay what you wish"? That is exactly what we are talking about here.

There are many tours in this format, some of them are focused on the city's history and others will take you on a deep trip into the neighborhoods.