5 best things to do in Seattle

Welcome to Seattle! One of these cities that suddenly have your heart. When you notice, you are already in love with the place. It is a vibrant, fun and energetic city, with many hotspots to check.  

In today’s article, you will check a with of them, here it is:

1- Seward Park:  

More than the tourists, local people of Seattle love this park, because it is the best escape you can find in the urban city.

The Seward Park is located only 20 minute drive from downton, but it seems like you switched of city. There are many outdoor activities to do, it is a very fun place to visit.

2- Seattle Art Museum: 

Seattle is not well known by the art scene, but the city has their art spots and the Art Museum is one of them. The museum is huge, with iconic peace of arts, from the pop to portraiture.

3- Seattle Great Wheel:  

Once you see the 175-foot ferris wheel, you will want to get in and take a ride. It's definitely worthy (not only for kids, adults also have a good time there). It is located on Pier 57, and it is considered one of the largest ferris wheel in North America.

The Gondolas are comfortable, with the capacity of 8 people.

4- Pike Place Market: 

Welcome to the most famous market of the city, where you will probably spent some hours tasting the deliciously fresh food. The place is loved by the locals and the tourists, because it is a symbol of the city.

The visit at the market will always be fun-sometimes can be a little bit crowded and noisy- but the joy is a guarantee.

5- Space Needle: 

Let’s finish this article with the most iconic symbol of Seattle, the city’s landmark. Built in 1962 the tower is 605 feet tall and brings over one million tourists each year. When you are at the top of the tower, you will have the best view of the city and also learning some information about the city as well.

There is also a cafe, where you can eat your snack while seeing the best skyline ever.

That was our top 5! Seattle has many other activities to do and fun places to visit, but we can assure you that these ones are worthy.