5 almost free attractions in Copenhagen

Are you planning a trip to Denmark’s capital? You can’t lose our today’s article!  

Refined and historic, this city will definitely surprise you, it is a place where you can find from amusement parks, hot nightspots , big places to shop to historic places and museums.

The city is small, but that is not even close to be a problem, it's actually a great thing because it is possible to do everything walking or riding bikes, the most ust used transportation.

Right we will be sharing with you five suggestions of attractions you just can’t miss once you are getting to know the city, here it is:

1- Vist the Little Mermaid Statue:  

Like the name says, the sculpture is inspired by the little mermaid, the one we are all aware of, from Disney's movie, that was inspired by a story from the Danish writer, Christian Andersen.

The statue seems bigger in the pictures, but it is actually small and very cute. Tourists love to take selfies with this beautiful and eternal mermaid.

2- Walk down the Nyhavn:

It is definitely one of the most famous postcards of the city, it is a historic waterfront area, a cute sport where you can find many stores, bars and restaurants; all of them are settled very cute and colorful buildings.

This is also where the tourism boats left for day trips, also another fun attraction where the visitors can get to know from a different perspective.

3- Tivoli Gardens:  

Right in the center of the city, welcome to the second oldest amusement park in the world, built in 1843.

It’s a place where the whole family will have their best lives, because there are things for the kids and adults.

Pay attention to something: the park is only open during the spring and the summer (from april to september). Despiste that, it is open on holidays, like Christmas and Halloween.

4- Botanical Garden:  

Like the Tivoli Gardens, Botanical is also in the middle of the city, occupying over 10 hectares. Pretty huge, right?

The Gardens are definitely something the locals are really proud to have in their city, since this complex, in particular, was built in 1874, making some of the species here 200 years old. They’ve got a lot of history.

5- Christiania:  

We have to end up this article explaining to you what is Christiania is like. Imagine a place with a lot of art and fun people. Well, that is how it looks like this independent community founded by hippies in the 70’s.

The place is also known as “Freetown Christiania", and when you ask locals what is the deal there, people anser like: “Things are different there". It is a place where the locals created their own rules, with an alternative style.

You may want to visit during the day, it is not the safest place to go by yourself at night.