4 TV series set in New York City

Missing the feeling of travel to a city like NYC? Coronavirus have really affected all the tourism scenarios, making us stay home and ending our possibilities to meet new countries at least for a year.  

Spending more time at home made us watch a lot more TV series, and sometimes it is possible to travel with a tv series.

Of course, there is nothing like actually visiting a place, but it is not possible today. While coronavirus doesn’t give us a break to meet new places, let’s stay home and travel with our favorite series.

In today’s article we made a list with 5 suggestions of cities for those who are in love with New York City -who isn’t, right?-

Check it out and meet NYC without leaving the house:

1- Sex and the city:  

Let’s start with the most obvious one, almost everybody has already heard about this great tv series.

If you are interested in romanntic comedies, Sex and the City is perfect! The tv series shares the lives of fours girl friends, who date, fall in love, have some hard times and good moments.

But what does NYC have to do with that? As the series is set there, when you are watching it, it feels like the city is a character. During the six seasons these four women made us fall in love in all of New York’s scenarios, including famous restaurants, stores and many hotspots of the NY’s incredible nightlife.

2- Gossip Girl:  

Also a classic that made all the teenagers go crazy ten years ago, Gossip Girl shares the life of the most privileged and richest people in Manhattan.

The series is an invitation to meet New York, always setting in the coolest spots of the city, inducing Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum, many restaurants and so many other places.

It is your chance to see more of the Upper East Side in NYC without leaving your home, it is very worthy.

3- Modern Love:  

Now that we have already shared the classical ones, let’s focus on what is new is the Big Apple.

Modern Love was released last year, it is a very short series with only eight episodes that tell love stories in the city that never sleeps. The stories are all based in a column of the New York Times.

You can count on many and many tracks in the coolest spots of NYC.

4- The Boys:

Let's go to the super heroes world now. The series tells the story of super heroes that are loved by everybody but outside their heroic personas they are actually aggressive and corrupt.

The story line is all in NYC, making us want to visit the city right away.