4 reasons to visit Tijuana

If you are from the United States of America you surely have already listened the phrase: “Don’t you go to Tijuana, it is a really dangerous place" or “Stay away from Tijuana if you are alone" and let’s admit, every big city has its problems, but that is not reason to not visit. Of course we have always to be careful and pay attention because we are not in our country (even where we were born we must be careful).  Today we will give you 4 reasons to visit Tijuana despite this bad reputation of the city and some tips about when is a good choice to visit the city. 

1- The culture of the city: 

If you are into history and enjoy finding out about the culture of the countries, Tijuana will be perfect for you. In the city, you will learn about its foundation and some informations about the Mexico too. Take a time to visit the Cultural Center of Tijuana and The History Museum of Tijuana

2- Nightlife:

 Tijuana’s nightlife is one of the most attractive point to the tourists. The city has many nightclubs, bars and restaurants If you are with your friends during this city, you will all probably have a lot of fun. You can go to a cool restaurant, have some drinks and cocktails in a bar and call the night at some famous nightclub. 

3- The beach: 

Fine, we have to admit that the beaches around Tijuana are not as beautiful as the Caribbean's, but our Mexican city have some cool beaches that are worth to go. The neighborhood with beaches is called Playas del Tijuana

4- Avenida Revolucion:

Revolution’s Avenue, in English, that is the name given to the major avenue of the city. located right in the center of the city, it is a good place to shop some sounivers, clothes, gifts, and more other things. You can also find some “tourists points" where you can ask for information and get a map of the city for free. 


 -The best time of the year to visit the city is from September to December and from April to June, because it is when the city is less crowded and the weather is the best. 

-The best place to stay in Tijuana is in the center, because it is closer to the cultural center and other touristic spots of the city. 

-The best way to know the city is by taxi or public transportation, it is not worth to rent a car, because the Tijuana’s traffic can be really intense and you won’t enjoy it. 

Tijuana is a good city to visit, but as we’ve previously said it is important to take of yourself, like in any big city. Have a good trip!