4 Places to have the perfect date in Mykonos

1- Little Venice: 

The cutest neighborhood in Mykonos is a great option for a couple. The place is lovely in the sunlight or in the night. In the day you can check some of the many stores, have and ice cream, just have a coffee.

Watching the sunset at Little Venice is also another very romantic thing to do, just imagine saying to your boyfriend/girlfriend: We should watch the sunset in Little Venice. Pretty cute, right?

If you are visiting in the night, don’t you worry ! You will find really good restaurants to have an amazing meal.

2- Cine Manto:  

If you are hanging out with a cult person (or if you are one), the Cine Manto is a great choice to have a date at. the Cine is considered one of the 6ths best open air cinemas in the entire world. Good news: The cine is opened from June to September, and the movies are all in English.

It is truly a very romantic date, just imagine being in Greece, watching a movie with the love of your life.

You can also have drinks and eat some food while watching the movie.

3- Beach: 

It might be a little bit cliché, but hanging out in a beach as a couple is always a great idea. Since you are visiting with a lover, you may want to pick a calm one, the Anagri Beach, or the Lia Beach, both of them are very quiet and beautiful.

If you are looking for an exotic ride, visit the Fokos Beach. Getting there is a little bit hard, there is no public transportation and no facilities for the visitors, but it is worthy.

4- Restaurant/Bar:  

If the choice is to have drinks with your lover, don’t you worry, Mykonos has great bars to party until the sun comes up, some of them become a nightclub after midnight. Two of them are really famous: the Astra Bar and the Skandinavian Bar, both of them are located in Chora.

But, if you guys don’t want to party and are looking for something more romantic, you might want to go out for dinner, the island has several options.

Ready to be in love in Mykonos?