3 ways to enjoy a night in New Orleans

Known by the Jazz City, New Orleans nightlife is very exciting and vibrating, this city will definitely surprises you. The tourists are always obsessed with 3 major cool activities to do in the night. If you want to find what what are these 3, keep reading the article.  

Here is the list: 

1- Bourbon Street: 

The craziest spot to visit, the street is known by being “messy and crazy", but in a good way. Many people in the street, loud music and too many drinks are the definition of this spot, if you are in town with your friends and looking for a place to go wild, dance and have the best time ever, Bourbon Street is your location.

Cars are not even allowed to circulate in the street after the sunsets, so it is very safe to walk on the street.

Enjoy it! There are many pubs, night-clubs and some fast food restaurants for the after night.

2- Frenchmen Street: 

Other spot where the nightlife is bustling, it is the Jazz Street in the city, a good place to dance while listening some live music, also many birthdays are celebrated there.

Frenchmen is less “crazy" than Bourbon, the pubs and nightclubs close earlier, but you can visit the two of them at the same day; first Frenchmen and Bourbon after.

 3- Pubs and nightclubs:  

First, some really important informations to enjoy the night in New Orleans:

- All of the places ask for ID once you are getting in, so, don’t forget it.

- In New Orleans is allowed to drink on the streets, the only exception in the whole United States.

Some night clubs you have to pay to get in at the moment you arrive.

Now that you are aware of this tips and about where the night happens in New Orleans, we’ve decided to make a list of the the best pubs and nightclubs of Bourbon Street and Frenchmen Street, take a look:  

Frenchmen Street:  

- D.B.A: is located in a pless less touristic, a good place to dance.  

- VASO: this one is maybe the best one, it is also good to start the night or stay there all night long.

- Black Penny: Tradicional and a good place to visit with friends.

Bourbon Street:  

- Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop: Considered the oldest pub in US, you have to check, it is right in the limiti of Bourbon.

- Tropical Isle: this pub is known by serving " The world's most powerful mixed drink".

- Funky 544: The place you are looking for to have a really wild night.

After these tips, we bet you will your best life in New Orleans. Enjoy this amazing night life.