3 unmissable and unusual spots in Santa Barbara

Spoiler! This article won’t talk about beaches. 

Planning a trip to Santa Barbara? Well, you will definitely have your best life. Either if you are going alone or with friends.

First off all, we must say, that is a very good choice! Sometimes all we need is a break from everything, and Santa Barbara can offer you that.. Today we will be sharing a list with the top 3 places you just can't miss in the city, and we are not talking about beaches. 

Everybody knows Santa Barbara by its amazing beaches and the “Cali Vibes" the city got, but, we are here to show you another side of the city, the one without the beach (wait, you will love!)

Of course, the beaches are the main attraction of the city, but there are also other things to do, and we’ve made a list of 5 things you can do. Take a look:

1- State Street:

Is the main street in the city, where you can find good bars, famous restaurants and trendy cafes. Besides that, the place is the perfect spot to shop, with brands like Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch and the massive department store, Macy’s. 

A walk through the State Street is the perfect opportunity if you are looking for good entertainment too, the street also has some famous art galleries.

Now that you know all the information about this famous street, save at least one day to visit there, the street is very charming with the famous “Cali Vibe", you will really enjoy.

2 - Santa Barbara Courthouse:

Every city has its most beautiful buildings, in Santa Barbara, is the Courthouse, a charming construction finished in 1929.

You have the chance to take many fun selfies that you will want to show to everybody laters, or just sit by yourself in the green and spend some time by your own company.

If you are not travelling alone, what a better idea than having a picnic at the green area?  

There is a tower on the top of the building where you will have a really incredible view, it is possible to view the whole city. You can also take a tour and visit the whole Courthouse construction, including the external area. Here is the best part: the tour is free!

3 - Stearns Wharf:

Some people say that watching the sunset at the pier is one of the best experiences of life, and we couldn't agree more. Sunsets don't need to be a romantic thing, you don't need a partner to watch it! Go by yourself or with your friends enjoy this amazing moment like in the picture.

Built in 1872, the pier is one of the most visited places in the city, it is the perfect spot to admire the nature of Santa Barbara, you will find some boats, stores in the pier and restaurants, like Moby Dick Restaurant and the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, very famous places.