3 places to visit in Cambridge in 24 hours

Are you travelling to Cambridge for only 24 hours and have no idea what to do? Are you lost? Keep calm! We are here to help! 

Here is the perfect article if you are staying in Cambridge for only 24 hours. The city is beautiful and you can do a lot in these few hours.

Since you do not have too much time, we have decided to list the top 3 places you must go in the British charming city.

The city of Cambridge is well known by the university, founded in 1209. Can you believe? So long time ago! It stills such an iconic place to visit.

Check it out our top 3 to do when you don’t have much time:  

- Cambridge Center:

Definitely a very British tour! You have to go. It is possible to find pretty much everything you are looking for, like: restaurants, stores, and so much more.  

In the Market Square you can find fresh fruits, vegetables and cheese. Besides that, you can also find handicraft stuff.

- Punting in Cambridge:

One of the most traditional activities to do in Cambridge, you can take a boat in the Cam River and have a really lovely trip. You can do it every day of the year, except Christmas day.

It is opened since 9 am and the closing time changes according to the season of the year we are.

- College tour:

It is impossible going to Cambridge and do not feel the "study vibe". You really have to go on a college tour. The principal daily guide tours are: King’s Parade, St John’s Street and Trinity Street.

To get in you will pay 10 pounds in St John’s and in the Kings, but Trinity is cheaper, 3 pounds, the only bad news is: you cannot get in Wren Library, a place with first editions books from Shakespeare.

There are many colleges you can take the tours, not all of them happy daily, but it is possible to check in the site.

It does not matter what college tour you will take, here is a tip for life once you are visiting the Cambridge University: don’t you ever step on the grass! It is not a law or something, but usually only teaches can do it.

That was our top 3 experiences you get have when you are visiting Cambridge, we hope you are having an amazing trip and take a lot of pictures.