3 places to take your kids in San Francisco

Are you considering a family trip? The first thing that comes into our minds is: the chosen destination must be a place where adults and kids both are supposed to have a good time, thinking about it, we have a perfect suggestion: the city of San Francisco!  

Why? The city has many attractions focused on the kids, since museums for children to amusement parks, where adults will have a lot of fun too.

The city literally has a thousand places to take the kids, and with so many cool spots to visit is hard to pick one of them, but don’t you worry because we are here to help you. We selected 3 places.

Check it out our list:

 1- Walt Disney Family Museum: 

Ready to walk in Walt Disney’s footsteps? One of the biggest collections of Disney is in California, in the museum. The museum is very modern, with the newest technology in its exhibitions, where adults and kids can learn everything about the Mickey history, including old drawings and animations.

Disney is part of all our lives, including kids and adults and maybe that is why this attraction is so cool for everybody, it will turn the adults into kids again.

 2- Golden Gate Park: 

Most of the kids enjoy outdoor actives, and there is no better place to have fun than a park, it is the perfect place to family friendly actives.

Here are some of the main attractions inside of the park: Japanese Tea Garden, Stow Lake and the Conservatory of Flowers. We can guarantee that visiting a park as a family is always a good choice, specially if the park is the Golden Gate.

3- Pier 39: 

One of the most well known places around San Francisco, it must be on your list to visit with your babies, there are many attractions there, including live music, clouds and wizard shows, and many other things that the little ones are obsessed with.

In the Pier 39 is located the Aquarium of the city, a good option to kids from all ages, where they will learn more about animals, plants and the sea.

Besides all that, Pier 39 is a great place to shop, have lunch in some of the many restaurants there, go with time because you will probably spend the whole day in this spot.

After this top 3, it is easy to make up your mind of where to visit, right? We know that travelling with kids can sometime be a bit hard, but they will surely love our suggestions. Have a good family trip!