3 great gold coast date ideas

You are in one of the best places of Australia, a place where your heart will already beat faster just because you are there, and you also have a date? It is the perfect match! Gold Coast is the home for perfect date ideas. 

We made a list of 3 beaches where you can take your lover, we can guarantee that will be worthy. 

Check it out:

1- South Stradbroke Island:  

What do you think about a getaway trip day your date? It is the perfect beach for that, being in this Island feels like you are in another place, really different than the crowded main beaches in the city. 

If you are looking for a calm place, you just found it. It is possible to stay only a day, but the people also like to spend more time, since there are many things to do in the island, like surfing, fishing, hiking, and other watersports. 

Spoiler: You will probably watch one of the most incredible sunsets ever. 

2- Burleigh Heads Beach:

The surfers just love this beach, but is also a perfect place to those who are in love, actually is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a good beach day in a beautiful beach. 

Imagine, you and the love of your life at a beach, ejnoying the day and catching some waves? Even the falls will be funny. 

3- Coolangatta Beach:  

The beach feels like you are in other Gold Coast, forget everything you’ve seen in the main beaches, here you won’t find many tourists, the beach is perfect to relax, feel the breeze and just be in peace at the date.

Ready to fall in love even more in this paradise? The truth must be said: Gold Coast is a really paradise on earth, where you will have incredible days, make a good guide and enjoy your days in Australia wi