3 best first date ideas in Los Angeles

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about LA? The City of Angeles is the definition of culture, art, movies, fame and fun. If you are in love in California, you are probably having your best life.

There are many cool places to visit with your lover, there are so many unique neighbors that it is hard to decide where to go, right? To help you with that, we’ve selected 3 dates ideas that we know couples will have a real good time.

Take a look:

1- Romantic walk in the Griffith Park:

Located in the mountain of Santa Monica, the park is perfect to visit as a couple. You guys can do many activities, including: have a picnic, take a lovely walk while you are seeing the beauties of nature.

If this is your first date or you are in a relationship we bet that visiting a park is a very lovely and sweetie place to do it.

It is also an unmissable spot to visit in the Californian city, one of the most famous ones, the tourists are always obsessed with Griffith Park.

2- Outside cinema:

This option is so romantic! Your lover will appreciate the idea so much that you will be shocked. It is like the perfect night ever; watching a movie in the city of stars in a different way, outside the movie, in a park or in another open area.

Get a bottle of wine to share, pick some food and get ready for one of the most romantic night of your life.

3- Watch the sunset at the beach:

Watching the sunset anywhere in the world is already a pretty romantic thing to do. Now, imagine doing it in Los Angeles, on a beach? Your lover will probably want to marry you right away.

There are many beaches where you can do it, like Venice, Santa Barbara, Malibu and so many others.

Watching the sunset is an old tip that never gets old and will always be lovely.

Ready for your date? These 3 ideas are a good option for a date to a couple that has already seen each other for a long time. Of course there are literally a thousand other spots to visit as a couple, but make sure you are enjoying the privilege of spending some days of your life with your lover in the City of Angels.